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Workshops are a critical part of the mission of Kindle Northwest. Our mission is to cultivate, grow and invite new people into the world of circus arts and object manipulation and exploration of “play.” Our classes vary each year and cover a variety of circus disciplines from juggling, hoops, staff manipulation, to costume make up, dance and acrobatics. We also offer a variety of workshops that are land and place-based like our popular “Can I Eat It?” workshop on foraging, and bystander and consent trainings, which all aim to support and cultivate a healthy and inclusive community. We offer beginner friendly workshops, and instructors often have additional props to borrow.

We welcome everyone to contribute their knowledge and submit a workshop proposal to share your skills with all levels. Sponsored workshop applications are usually open from March through July. In addition to our formal workshops, we highly encourage participants to seek and share knowledge with strangers through jams which are scheduled and open to all levels. We encourage you to fill out the application below.

Workshop applications have closed for 2023. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the workshop team directly at

Example 2022 Workshop Schedule