What is Kindle NW

Kindle Northwest is a reunion of the fire, circus, and juggling community; a celebration of flow arts; a gathering for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners; and a decompression of the summer on the coast as our seasons transition to misty autumn.

We are nestled into an absolutely beautiful temperate rainforest on the edge of the Pacific ocean, at a boy scout camp called Camp Meriweather which includes a large lodge, camping platforms and structures, and an outdoor fire circle at night. Our annual event is made up of workshops, performance, live music, volunteering, and an outdoor camping experience through the weekend.

We invite you to return to Camp Meriwether for the first time or the 13th time.

At Kindle NW, we preach the magic of practice, and showing up for yourself and others in a community.

We hope to engage participants in the practice of “how to be better in community” through the cultivation of the relationships we make with each other. We hope we will learn together about circus/juggling/flow arts and maybe also how to better ourselves and the world around us in tandem.