Community Partners

Guardian's of the vibe

Guardians of the Vibe is a project birthed from the Portland music and festival community. Our literature and programming focuses on inspiring conscious bystanders, consent education, non gendered language, and fun! We believe that together we can create a socially mindful safety web to help protect and inform one another through the power of words and action. Together we can create a cultural shift! 

Seattle Flow Arts Collective


An emerging pillar of the flow arts community, the Seattle Flow Arts Collective formed in early 2020 to provide education, programs and workshops, advocacy, organizational capacity, and community leadership. Current and future program areas include:

  • flow arts and juggling
  • circus arts and clowning
  • movement and dance
  • fire dancing and fire safety

SFAC was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in order to fill a need in the community for expanded programming and policy advocacy for the flow arts and fire spinning community in the Puget Sound area

Consent Culture Initiative


We are a survivor-led, grass roots group of community creators, project managers and volunteers in the U.S. who see a need to prevent sexual violence from occurring within creative communities and events.

As a group of industry professionals with over 30 years of collective experience in our fields, a hunger for change, a desire to prevent harm from occurring, and a vision of a world centered in transformation, not punishment: our work is cut out for us. Our methods are a promising practice and we are constantly seeking reviews and recommendations to deepen our CQI.

We believe the methods and available structures for discussing and identifying consent are a part of the problem. We hope to change the world, one community at a time, through supporting members while they curate brave creative spaces safety, thus preventing sexual, gendered, and identity based violence.