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Camp Meriwether

Camp Meriwether is a 790-acre Boy Scouts of America camp located on the so-called Oregon Coast. To begin learning more about the previous inhabitants of this land, please read our land acknowledgement.

On the grounds you will find a lush area of coastal temperate rainforest in northwestern Oregon that provides rich habitat for numerous wildlife species, from the federally listed northern spotted owl and coho salmon to the clouded salamander. Oregon’s North Coast contains rich habitats that support a diversity of wildlife species: from rockfish found in marine habitats, to seabirds like tufted puffins and Cassin’s auklets nesting on coastal islands, to the Oregon silverspot butterfly in coastal grasslands. Many North Coast species have declined in the face of rapid urban development, invasive species, and overfishing.

The lands are composed of both sedimentary and volcanic rocks with elevations. The climate is maritime with cool, wet winters and mild, dry summers. Annual rainfall is high, between 45 and 100 inches. This heavy precipitation, combined with a relatively mild climate and frequent fog along the coast, nurtures a long and robust growing period, allowing trees to grow throughout the whole year. It also has a naturally low fire frequency, which ranges from 100 years on dry sites to more than 700 years in Sitka spruce stands near the coast (Agee 1993).

Kindle Northwest is a Leave No Trace event. We are visitors to Camp Meriweather, and visitors to the land in general. This simply means that if you pack it in, you pack it out! Packing it out includes ALL trash and recycling. Bring extra trash bags and remember to take your trash home with you. Make an effort to keep your camp clean, if you see litter - pick it up, and make sure to haul everything off site when you leave.

Be accountable and help keep our home clean. We respect this amazing land and encourage everyone to help leave the site in better condition than how you found it.

Event maps will be provided at the gate upon arrival.

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