Each campsite has the following:
- a sink station with water
- flushing toilets (foot pump/RV style)
- a covered picnic table or two for preparing and enjoying meals
- several adirondaks (shelters for camping)

You will share your campsite with other flow scouts, so bring a good attitude, a willingness to share space, and earplugs.

There are 2 shower houses on site containing a fully plumbed flush toilet, sinks, and a private shower.

Mini Daks

Most available camping spaces are small, covered bunkhouses called adirondaks that have 2 single sized beds each. You will need to provide your own padding and bedding.

The entrances are exposed to the outdoors. In case of rain, a tarp will be useful!

Tent Camping

Tent space is extremely limited. Arrive early Thursday if you are set on tent camping!

Tents are not necessary due to the mini daks.

Car Camping

There is no car camping on site and cars are not allowed to drive to the campsites.

Instead, we provide an on-site shuttle that will take you and your gear from the gate to drop off zones near your desired campsite. Better yet, bring a wagon or other wheeled items to help you get yourself to your campsite.

Waiting for the shuttle can take a long time, so please be patient. What a great opportunity to meet new friends, practice a trick, or have a snack!

Venue Map