at Camp Meriwether

The KindleNW community highly values accessibility and is working on gathering and providing the resources to support this value. At present, these are the things we can support:

  • ADA accessible rooms, including:
    • electricity
    • wheelchair accessible bathrooms and showers
    • AC/Heat
    • central location
  • Storage of medicine, breast milk, or other refrigerated items required for medical reasons
  • Listings of workshop zones that are wheelchair accessible
  • Mobility shuttle to the fire circle at designated times

If you have need of any of these resources or you have need of other resources or accommodations not listed, please contact us.

For those of you who have not visited the Kindle site, it's important to realize that this is a beautiful but rustic Boy Scout camp with few paved trailed and pathways. Much of the terrain has hills, including one very large hill to/from the fire circle.

Although we can not promise that the entire site will be accessible, we will do what current resources allow, and we can promise that we will listen to your ideas about future improvements.

Venue Map